Child of Privilege Excerpt

Chapter 32

He emerged from the bathroom just in time to watch the woman nervously slide her panties down her legs and past her ankles.  She stepped out of them and stood naked in the familiar Spartan surroundings of a budget motel a short distance and social light-years from North Briarwood.
No five star rating here; but at least it was cheap, anonymous, and relatively safe.
At least they were together.
He moved toward her and took the woman in his arms.  Feeling his hands softly sweeping up and down over the bare skin of her back, she purred in his ear, "Hmmm, your touch feels so good," as she pressed her nakedness closer to his fully clothed body.  Occasionally, his hands wandered further down to her ample buttocks, gently kneading the fleshy mounds and pulling the woman's hips and pubic mound tighter against him.  She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed him passionately but all too briefly; her tongue darted back and forth into his mouth for soft, delicious seconds before withdrawing again.
She eased away from him and sat expectantly on the threadbare, faded bedspread, a seductive smile on her face.  "Are you going to join me? she asked softly.  "I’ve been thinking about this all week."
Obediently, the man began removing his clothes under the hungry gaze of his lover.  The pace of his undressing quickened noticeably with his anticipation.
When he stood clad only in his boxer shorts, the woman quickly stood up.  "Let me do that," she said.  She dropped to her knees before him, grasped the elastic waistband of his underwear, and anxiously slid them down his legs, revealing his throbbing erection.
For long, excruciating minutes, she wrapped her hand around his manhood, massaging him playfully, sometimes reaching underneath to caress the man's tightly drawn scrotum.
The man moaned his appreciation at her loving caresses.
He reached out her, took her hands, and helped her to her feet.  He wrapped his arms warmly around her.  Her nipples burned into his chest; her pubic mound nestled excitingly against his.  "It's so good to be with you again," he whispered, stroking the smooth skin of her bare back in long, sweeping movements from her neck to her buttocks and back again.  "I've missed you so much."
She rested her head in the graying fur of his chest.  "You know, it's funny," she whispered.  "The time seems to pass so quickly when I'm with you.  But when we're apart, it seems to crawl by so slowly."  She smiled up at him.  "What do you suppose that means?"
He grinned broadly.  "I think that means you need a new watch."
The woman laughed and playfully slapped his forearm.  "You're a nut," she giggled.  "I guess what they say is true about never expecting a straight answer from a naked man."
"Well, they say an erect penis has no conscience."
Sadness briefly swept across her face.  "Neither do some men."
He gently stroked the soft skin of her cheek.  "Hey, do you think I'm one of those men?"
"No, not at all," she answered, shaking her head.  "You've never have been one of those men and you never will be.  You're a very kind, gentle man whom I enjoy being with."
"And you are a sweet, gentle woman who knows how to make a man feel special."
She turned away from him for a moment, her gaze moving toward the floor.  After a few seconds, she looked up and faced him eye-to-eye.  In a hoarse, subdued voice she asked, "Would you make love to me?"
He pulled her to him again and kissed her.  Their longing, passionate embrace melted their bodies together: the hungry touch of pubic mounds; her breasts pressing longingly into his chest; the moist, lighthearted caress of his tongue with hers; the titillating exploration of his lips sliding wetly against hers.
After an eternity, their hungry lips separated their appetite for one another not nearly satisfied.  They both wanted more ... much more.
They gazed deeply for one final moment into each other’s eyes, silently pleading with the other for the ultimate pleasure, the ultimate intimacy, the ultimate sharing, pleading with the other to become one flesh, if only for a few exquisite moments in the sparseness of that cheap motel room.
No words were necessary; their eyes so eloquently communicated the yearning they felt for each other.
Without a word, he picked her up in his arms and held her close to him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again, a kiss of ultimate, tender surrender.  With that kiss, she would give herself to him.
Gently, he laid her down on the bed.  She pulled the covers around her nudity while he slid between the worn sheets to lie closely beside her.
In an instant, they once again shared a lover's embrace.  The feeling, the heat, the passion, and the desire rose between them like incense.  They clung to one another hungrily, savoring the warmth, savoring the desire, savoring the glow of sexual hunger.  Their hands wandered urgently—yet aimlessly—content to be simply touching each other: sliding; kneading; stroking; fondling; playfully tickling; slowly exploring the sensual curves of their bodies.
Hungry for more of him, she pulled the man atop her.  She was anxious to feel the pressure of his weight on her breasts and the insistent hardness of his manhood against her pubic mound.  He continued to kiss her, slowly nuzzling her chin, her eyelids, her earlobes, and her neck with light, sucking kisses.
When he reached her breasts, he contentedly explored her for the longest time with his hands, his lips, and his tongue.  Sliding his tongue along the ridge of her mounds, he lazily traced the outline of her breasts.  He traced the pink outline of the areolas with his tongue, lazily licking in smaller circles until he reached the nipple, now painfully extended and pleading for gentle fondling.  He played with the tiny buds with his tongue, with his lips, and with his hands.  He pulled on them tenderly, exciting them to protrude even further in search of his tender caresses.
“Please,” she moaned, "Make love to me now.  I want you inside me."
She felt him gently enter her.

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